Spencer ShimonPayment Processing & Payroll Solutions Specialist
Heartland Payment Systems
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How Can I Help?

I can review their current processing and payroll accounts to ensure they’re on the right program. This can possibly help improve their profitability, making them more attractive when selling the business.

As a business grows, they will be taking more payments and hiring new employees. I can make sure their business is setup on the right program for payments, provide the right technology to streamline operations, and educate them on best practices to reduce their risk when taking payments. Usually¬†during this stage they no longer have time for payroll, so our program ensures they’re filing taxes on time, making it easier to onboard new employees, and getting them all the credits they deserve. We can also provide capital in as little as 48 hours as needed.

They will need to get setup to accept credit cards and start hiring new employees. I’ll educate them on the industry (as much as they want to know) and make sure they’re getting fair pricing, work directly with a back end processor and have local representation.

More About Heartland

Heartland helps businesses by focusing on 3 main areas:

  1. Help Reduce Risk and Liability
  2. Streamline Operations
  3. Improve Profitability

We do this by providing services in the following areas: Merchant Processing, Payroll & HR, POS, Lending, Analytics.