Lynn CorazziChief Business Analyst
Data2Profit Consulting, LLC
(920) 948-3355

How Can I Help?


  • Diffuse emotional conversations by providing data to support business decisions.
  • Create information to develop financial performance trends



  • Provide a data-driven view of performance to inform strategy development
  • Build performance management processes to build accountability
  • Lead change management to support data driven cultures



  • Pre-acquisition analysis of customer sales
  • Evaluation of financial planning & analysis capablity and prcesses


More About Data2Profit

Data2Profit increases productivity, sales and profit by deeply analyzing the data you’re company doesn’t. Our primary focus is to help you better understand sales performance and gross margins:

Sales: Nothing determines sales other than the behaviors of your customers and sales reps. We quanitify behaviors and show how you can modify them.

Gross Margins: Multiple stakeholder and processes drive margins. We dissect performance and show you the real performanc drivers.

Data2Profit integrates data across multiple systems to create new information, then integrate that information into strategy, performance managemement and operational reporting.