Achieve Your Business Goals With Services From CALYX

Whether you need assistance with an exit strategy, purchasing an existing business, or a business growth plan, we offer unique services that are tailored to fit your business and your end goal. The CALYX core team and our vetted affiliates work together to educate and empower you to take the next step toward success, no matter the direction.


Services Tailored to Fit Your Business Needs

CALYX offers unique team-based services that are broken down into four modules: exit strategy planning and execution, business opportunity brokerage and sales, real estate brokerage and sales, and consulting and advisory. Our core team and affiliates will help you choose the module that is just right for you.


Exit Strategy Planning & Execution

Looking to exit your business? We offer many resources to help you choose which exit strategy is right for you. We work with affiliates in the following sectors: financial advising, accounting, banking, insurance and project management. They possess the right tools to help you decide how to exit your business wisely.

Core services include:


Business Opportunity Brokerage & Advisory Services

If you find that selling your business is the best exit strategy for you, our team of CALYX affiliates will provide the game plan action to reach that goal.

Core services include:

  • Business seller representation: Valuations, preparation management, listing and marketing, negotiating and due diligence
  • Business buyer representationOpportunity locating, valuation, offer strategy and negotiations and due diligence
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Real Estate Brokerage & Advisory Services

Are you ready to expand your business? We offer brokerage services and our affiliates offer consulting services in construction, inspection and testing, insurance, commercial lending and more. Whether you are expanding, purchasing a start-up, preparing to lease a new location or an existing space, our affiliates will help you navigate this process effectively.

Core services include:

  • Real estate seller representation
  • Real estate buyer representation
  • Landlord representation
  • Tenant representation
  • Owner representation for construction and development

Consulting & Coaching Services

Our vetted affiliates and mission-capable core team allow us to offer consulting services in various sectors of your business. Whether you need to know the ins and outs of estate planning or how to file your taxes properly, we have access to the right professional for the job.

Core services include:

Complete 4-Step Process for Success

At CALYX, we believe in customized strategy and tactics uniquely tailored to your business. Our in-depth 4-step process includes everything your business needs to move in the right direction quickly and profitably.

  1. Initial consultation: Our initial consultation is where we get to know you. We want to make sure we are the best fit for each other. This consultation includes:
    • High-level 60-minute interview
    • Discussion of goals, current business position
    • Discussion of budget and overarching costs
    • Gathering of verbal agreement
  2. Game plan session: During the game plan session, we create your business timeline right before your eyes. After this session, you will walk away with a complete strategy with actionable goals and measurable milestones. This session includes:
    • Performing careful analyses, SWOT analysis, scheduling, game plan creation and timelines
    • Complete game plan creation from start to finish with actionable steps and milestones
  3. Your proposal: After the game plan session, you will receive a highly detailed proposal to view. Your CALYX quarterback will discuss it with you, outlining next steps. In your proposal, you will receive:
    • A review of all your information and a proposal complete with targeted next steps
    • A list of all the affiliates included in your plan and your designated CALYX quarterback who will be in charge of your plan
  4. Game on: Once you review the proposal, we are ready to get started immediately. We will be available for questions, concerns and resources. You won’t take the next step or the step after that alone.

Experience the CALYX Difference

With any of our services, you will be given access to your own CALYX quarterback who will stay with you throughout the entire process. They will work to gather any and all affiliates from our wide network needed to reach your end goal.

Your strategy is completed in-house. The route you take will decide whether or not your game plan can be executed in-house or will require our vetted affiliates. Either way, you will have a CALYX quarterback calling the shots so you don’t have to.

Learn More About Our Services Today

You can learn more about all our services today by calling us at 262-888-9300 or emailing us any time. Don’t wait. No matter how much time you think you have, strategy takes time. Reach out today to get started.