Exit Your Business With Confidence Using CALYX Business Resources

When you are ready to exit your business, the process can be overwhelming. You will want to have a dynamic partner who can guide you through the ins and outs of the exit process including choosing the right strategy and setting goals. CALYX offers collaborative services from industry leading business affiliates who have the expertise that selling a business requires.


Your Business Needs an Exit Strategy

Even if you are the proud owner of a new business or will soon be entering retirement age, an exit strategy for your business should be a priority from day one. Before you simply close your business doors, there are a few exit strategy options to choose from that will benefit you the most.

  • Sell internally: Selling your business to a friend, family member, a member of the current management team or through an ESOP or employee stock ownership program could be options when selling internally.
  • Third-party sale: This includes interested parties outside the company and private equity groups.
  • Liquidation: You also have the option to liquidate depending on your next goal.

Each strategy requires careful thought and examination to choose the right strategy for you and your business. Our affiliates and core teamat CALYX can help you decide which route is best. We are well equipped to also be your guide through the process, whether it begins today or five years from today.


The Complex Process of Exiting Your Business

No matter the size of your business or company, exiting it is a complex process. First, you will need to determine an exit strategy that best fits your future plans, followed by determining a valuation range, developing the marketing strategy and tactics, researching and qualifying buyers, due diligence and many other critical steps.

Mistakes can happen. Waiting too long to sell or finding the incorrect team to market your business can have serious repercussions. You need a partner who can walk you through each step of the entire process, to ensure you’re educated and empowered before each critical decision leading to a successful closing.

Getting Ready to Exit or Sell? Reach Out to CALYX Business Resources

Whether you’re 5 years away or need to start the process tomorrow, the CALYX team and our professional affiliates are prepared to embrace your goals through every step in the exit process. Reach out to us today by calling 262-888-9300 or send us an email.