How to Become an Affiliate

At CALYX Business Resources, we’re focused on providing our clients with the tools and knowledge required to meet their business goals. Our team of business quarterbacks lead the client’s project, ensuring the plan is being executed properly and being driven toward the end goal.

Each step in the client’s process requires an expert to lead the way. That expert should be focused on offering the highest standard of service and accountability while empowering business owners to make only the best decisions for their business. This is exactly what CALYX Affiliates do best.

If you believe you can meet CALYX’s high standards, then we welcome you to fill out our Affiliate application form.

Steps to Becoming a CALYX Affiliate

If you’re interested in becoming a CALYX Affiliate, you will need to complete our online application. Your application will be carefully reviewed, ensuring you and your services are a perfect fit for CALYX clients.

If selected to join us, you will be asked to upload additional documents, including:

  • A signed copy of the CALYX Business Resources confidentiality agreement
  • A professional resume
  • A professional high-resolution photo
  • Company logo file
  • All available digital marketing materials regarding your services

Submit a CALYX Affiliate Application to Get Started

Affiliates who work with CALYX bring clients the empowerment and guidance they need to make the best decisions for their business. If you’re ready to get started today, fill out our application. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible upon review.

Ready to Join the CALYX Team as an Affiliate? Apply Today!