Grow Your Business Strategically With CALYX Business Resources

Are you experiencing rapid growth within your company? If so, you may be considering the option of expansion. Although exciting, the growth process for a business is critical for overall success. Your CALYX affiliates team will assemble a customized plan to help guide you through strategically and with ease.


Take On Your Growth Cycle With Confidence

During this cycle, you may experience growth organically or through business acquisitions. You will need to know the pros and cons of leasing, purchasing or constructing space and which option is best for your business. With CALYX, you have access to industry experts and affiliates in all imperative sectors including general contractors, real estate brokers, insurance agents and more.

Your CALYX quarterback and a core team of affiliates will create a growth cycle plan that works using in-depth and collaborative knowledge for each step in the process. From locating office space to finding a contractor for improvements, your expansion is seamless with our resources.

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Overcome Your Biggest Growth Challenges

Are you ready to grow? There are unique challenges associated with growth and expansion for every business. What are your biggest growth challenges?

  • Do you need real estate? Are you looking for more space? Are you trying to decide between purchasing, leasing or building? Your CALYX team will educate you on the pros and cons to help you make informed decisions.
  • Do you need growth questions answered? Do you have questions about creating a growth plan? Do you have concerns about whether an expansion is right for you? CALYX offers consulting services through our affiliates in every sector of business.
  • Do you need help finding an opportunity or negotiating contract terms? We’ve got you covered. Our industry experts will utilize their networks to hunt down the perfect opportunities and will go to bat for you to negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Our mission isn’t to do everything for you. Instead, we connect you with leaders in the industry through our affiliates who will educate you and answer your questions. This allows you to expand your business while knowing you have a solid game plan in place.

Get Growing Today With CALYX Business Resources

At CALYX, we love to see businesses thrive and grow. We offer many consulting services and access to our affiliates to get you moving in the right direction, whether through acquisition or organic expansion. Reach out to us today at 262-888-9300 or contact us online here to learn more.