Affiliate Accountability Standards

We hold our Affiliates to a high accountability standard. It is this standard that sets us apart as an effective and empowering resource for business owners at any stage.

A Relationship Built on Service

As an Affiliate, you subscribe to:

  • Embracing and practicing the essence of a fiduciary
  • Client education and empowerment to ensure the client is not only aware of but also understands all options available to them in a given situation
  • Quality of service over quantity of clients, focusing on “getting it right the first time”
  • Authenticity when a client’s questions need additional research and fact-finding
  • Doing what is needed to exceed the client’s expectations in every transaction
  • Periodic proactive updates to the referral source to ensure the client is experiencing seamless service, no matter how many team members are involved

By joining the Affiliate team here at CALYX, you’ll find that we’ll drive business referrals through your door. In return for offering exceptional service, CALYX offers you a business relationship that generates referrals for your own business.

Curious to Learn More About Becoming a CALYX Affiliate?

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an Affiliate with CALYX Business Resources, we encourage you to call our team at 262-888-9300 or to reach out online. We also welcome you to read more on how to become an Affiliate.