CALYX Affiliate FAQs

If you’re thinking about becoming a CALYX Affiliate, we’re betting you have a few questions. Here we’ve answered the most common questions we’ve received from business professionals like yourself.

What’s the benefit for me to join CALYX as an Affiliate?

There are multiple ways you benefit from participating in the CALYX Affiliate Network:

  • You increase your business presence as a provider. This is a legitimate connection that helps you build your own network and connects to your own online presence.
  • You become a member of a well-vetted directory of business service providers that is more than a simple referral network. To be part of CALYX as an Affiliate is to commit your business to delivering higher standards of excellence and to publicly declare that you are committed to being a fiduciary.
  • You gain access to a network of like-minded professionals, all of whom have a passion for what they do and who fit within the high standards that CALYX has defined.
  • You expand your offerings by being able to work synergistically with other Affiliates on behalf of a client.
How does CALYX benefit from my participation?

We get it. You want to know what’s in it for us if you join as an Affiliate. Because you figure there must be a catch.

Good news! There’s no catch. This is all about goodwill and doing what’s best by our clients. We get goodwill in terms of the value of what we can provide to our target clients by building this highly vetted network.

And we hope that by showing you our true colors and how hard we work for our clients, you will keep us top-of-mind when you or one of your clients needs help in selling or buying a business or real estate.

What does it cost to join the Affiliate Network?

There is an initial one-time fee of $150 for our website Affiliate Profile onboarding.

How long does my Affiliate Status last?

Your status as a CALYX Affiliate lasts as long as you uphold the accountability standards we’ve set out in advance. There are two ways for you to lose that status:

  • Your company will be audited by CALYX on an ongoing basis to ensure that we remain aligned. If we shift out of alignment, then you’ll be removed from the Affiliate Network.
  • If at any point in time you feel being an Affiliate isn’t a good fit for your business, then it’s absolutely okay and expected for you to say so and for us to part ways.
Who pays for my work, CALYX or the referred client?

Great question—where does the project payment come from? Whenever possible, we will have the client work directly with you to cut out middlemen. There are two clear situations where this might not be the case:

  • If the project is larger and involves multiple steps, a CALYX quarterback would lead the team and you might work through CALYX to get paid.
  • CALYX will also take point—and may be your go-to for payment—on projects with core goals involving commercial real estate, business brokerage and/or project management.

We will clarify with you at the outset of the relationship where we fall regarding payment, and we will certainly work within any ethical considerations involved with our relationship.

Still Have Questions? Reach Out Today.

Do you have other questions not answered here? We welcome you to reach out to us today to get greater clarity, so you can decide whether you want to apply to be a CALYX Affiliate. You can connect with us online or you may call us at 262-888-9300 today. We look forward to hearing from you!