About CALYX Business Resources for Your Business Success

CALYX was founded with one purpose in mind: to be your trusted business guide. There are many challenges involved in exiting a business, purchasing an existing business, growing a business or starting a new one. These challenges can be hard to navigate without the right people, tools andresources.

We have vetted the best of the best for the job, while also giving you a helping hand throughout the process. With CALYX, your end goal is in sight and readily attainable.

On a Mission to Fill Gaps to Achieve Business Success

As business owners, we often strive to tie up all the loose ends while remaining successful to reach our end goal. We often don’t know who to talk to, where to start or how to piece all of it together to create a strategy that works. While we may understand where we want and need to be, we lack the know-how or skilled personnel to execute our next move.

This is a gap in the business realm that only a trusted team of specialized professionals can fill. We need the right strategy and resources to exit our businesses and enter retirement. We need a team that places our businesses first while coaching, advising and providing insights from game plan creation to success. We need the right advisors and insights to purchase a business. CALYX was created to fill that gap.

Guiding You With Education and Empowerment

Here at CALYX, we understand the process of purchasing a business like the back of our hands. That’s why we take the time to guide you with industry knowledge and a collection of resources from professional service affiliates that are recommended during the purchase process.

From acquisition to marketing to future planning, there is an expert waiting to guide you towards your goal. Often, consumers who wish to purchase a business may reach out to the business broker of a particular listing. However, it’s important to understand that brokers with business listings work for the seller.

Discover CALYX Business Resources Today

You can be on your way towards your next big step today by reaching out to CALYX. You can give us a call at 262-888-9300 today or reach out online now. We offer a free initial consultation to help you discover how our resources can benefit your business.